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Do you believe the island authorities know how many four-wheel vehicles there are in San Pedro? Then there are 6-wheelers, 10-wheelers, 18-wheelers too; as well as trailers, tractors, bulldozers and trailer homes. Whatever the figures, nobody can dispute the fact there there is a huge saturation of vehicles on the streets of San Pedro. Depending on whom you talk too, there are those who are proud of this, and there are those who lament on the fact that there are too many vehicles in San Pedro. Just for curiosity, before you continue reading, what are you personas perspectives about the growing traffic on Ambergris Caye? See if your views will change after you finish reading "Perspectives".

Let us look first at the Pros of the traffic situation. 
a.  Every person who wants a golf cart is guaranteed a license.
b.  Every person who needs a taxi permit is guaranteed one.
c.  Some fifteen persons get employment as traffic wardens.
d.  The Traffic Department collects a lot more revenue.
e.  It shows that San Pedro is a vibrant community because it has more traffic than other towns.
f. People can move freely for work
g. Tourist can get around the island and boost income for businesses
h. Delivery of goods and services is easier

Now let us look at the other side of the coin - over saturation by/of vehicles.
a. San Pedro loses its laid back relaxing Island ambience.
b. Tourists cannot walk about freely and feel like it’s city life.
c. When tourists are not happy, they do not return or recommend a laid back island.
d. The safety of children especially is jeopardized.
e. There is traffic congestion in town all day long
f. It is unsafe for children to and from school.
g. Parking is a huge headache.
h. More traffic wardens employed means more taxes on citizens.
i. We have had to cement our beautiful sandy streets.
j. The dust raised by all the vehicles is a huge nuisance and health issue.
k. Large vehicles are allowed to operate only at night and causes nose pollution during sleeping hours.
l. Too many golf cart rental business licenses are being given out.
m. HUGE semi trucks are allowed on the island
n. MORE accidents

All of these are a direct result of a rapidly growing population or over saturation of vehicles in San Pedro. Do we have a problem or a blessing? With the growing population and rapidly expanding development it is difficult to restrict all the needed vehicles for such a large town to operate properly. What do you think is t the problem?  What is your perspective?

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