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By Angel Nuñez

It was funny how people gave each other nicknames in the past-probably just as funny as how they are done today.  You know, there was this guy who suddenly appeared in San Pedro, probably from Xcalak, Mexico.  Nobody knew his name and everyone referred to him as Solobino because he came to San Pedro just like that.  He died here and left with that name too.  Do you know who is called “Kish” and why?  He is also called “Jaman”, the Creole version for German because of his fair complexion.  I wonder how Armando Graniel got the name “Kish”. 

Do you know who was Fito?  Well he was also called Cabeza and not because his head was big, but his hair was always puffed up and was called Cabeza.   However there was another one called Siete Cabezas. This same fellow was to his closest friends Waya, the creole pronunciation for wire, and it was because his girlfriend was very slim like wire. My good friend Adolfito Ayuso had three nicknames, that I knew of.  This is funny but why would a person be called “Corruption”?

Well, see if you can identify your dad’s or uncle’s, or friend’s nickname in this list that comes from as far back as twenty five years ago.  There were Caballa and also Caballo.  Then there were Soplado and Chop as well as Chintina, Pesto, Solobino, Sapo, Rancho, Tolok, and Hippie.  But why were there guys with number nicknames like Seis, Dies, Once and Peseta and Shilling (25 cents).  There was Bon de Peseta and Bon de Toston?  Do you know who were these Bons?  

There were Mrs. Shcoot, And Corruption and China.  Then there were Bufa, and Pol, Carnal, Komal and Kamal. Wagi, Bambibno, Neto, Mosco and Calico as well as Chembelek, Colas, Tupil, Teje, Tomate, Pancho Patas, Patojo, Jagua, Kulichi, Tuto and Estupido.  Then there were Scupa (a guy who used to spit when he spoke) and Johnny Bucut, Mosco, Pistolas, Rayo, Kanasi, And Cagawado.  Our good friend Shawti (Creole for Shortie) just passed away.

But there were Gorda and Negra spoken with affection and listen to this- Quishquili, Daddy and Dadio, Fashico, Juerito, San Caracol, Tampui, Colas, Capulina, Sancho Panza, and Even Father Bolitas.  There were Twaizas, Morongo, Mash, and Culo Bajo.  King and Los Kings as well as Kinky Head, Round Head, Richie Babam, Fayance, Tarzan, Pancho. Shmell,Tio Mach, Negash for a lady and Negash for a young man, Dirty Dim, Buddy, Waya, Purush, Bsmbino, Wagi, Patojo, Gavilan, Poleo, Slasck, Mista Bucket, Laiza, Tunkuruchu, Pirin and Pirinshot, Mototole, Banana, Corneta, Machuco, Papo, Nato, Papito, Maiki, Palao, Miguel Paña, Lalo, Chalo and Chali (Charlie) as well as Bensmat and Munsi.  The last three, I think were brothers.

It was indeed interesting to know how nicknames were formed and if you have any new ones, please leave a comment and if possible how come the name came about.

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