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You know you are an  Old Time San Pedro High Schooler if you remember learning to type with one of those huge and heavy manual typewriters. They had hundreds of moving parts, wheels, screws, springs, levers, reels of inked ribbons, nuts and bolts all designed to move the metal arms with the letters, numbers ,and symbols. Popular brands were Remington, Royal, Underwood, Smith Corona, and Olympia. The  first typewriters arrived in San Pedro in 1972 courtesy of  benefactor Al Felly (R I P) of Madison, Wisconsin U. S. A.  


Antique Typewriters and Irons Were Once Modern Commodities

You know you are an Old Time Sanpedrano girl if you have used an iron iron. Okay What is an ‘iron iron’? It an ironing iron made of iron; Yes, an iron used to iron clothes. LOL! This iron was placed over a hot plate which was heated over a fire or hot charcoal. When the iron was hot, one proceeded to iron the clothes and re-placed on the hot plate when it began to cool. Surprisingly it never got dirty with smoke or soot. It was used even to iron white fabric and linen. Not everyone had these irons so families used to borrow them from the lucky neighbor.  They were not made in San Pedro, so we have to assume that they came from Mexico or some other foreign country that also used them. That must have been quite some fun.

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