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What Super Bowl? - My Super Bowl weekend activity was cancelled as WORK suddenly came up and Ambergris Today had to scramble and make some last minute changes to our schedules. Boy was I glad that I took work for the weekend. I had an amazing experience with two reviews, Room Service and Restaurant Review, at Tranquility Bay Resort.

Tranquility Bay Resort is located inside the new Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve, recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is north of the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Surrounded by nature, no mobile phone and no television, I was enticed to relax in this tranquil piece of Paradise that is located at the northern-most tip of Ambergris Caye.

A dose of tranquility was just what the doctor ordered and I could not have been in a better location than at Tranquility Bay Resort. I spent my weekend enjoying the sea, sun, breeze, nature – soaking up tranquility at its best.

Chris Emmanuel puts it best in his article this week, “It’s time to take a break because you’re tired of the same old, faces, food, talk, etc. You drive through town hoping no one will see you; you refuse to wave back. Island fever is setting in and you need to get out, out!”

But you do not necessarily need to get out of the island to run away from Island Fever. Our island is a perfect piece of Paradise where you can still relax, get away from everything, everyone and all the hustle and bustle of downtown life. The money that you use to travel outside of San Pedro or Belize can be used to pay for your accommodations; case in point, Tranquility Bay Resort!

I got to sleep, relax, swim, kayak, eat, drink and even snorkel outside the reef for the very first time in my life – all in one place and right close to home. In fact, it’s still home! And the cherry on the cake is that Tranquility Bay Resort sits in an area reminiscent of our island life 25 years ago – coconut palms as far at the eye can see to the north and south, serenity and ease of mind. It’s a perfect getaway! Make sure you read more on Ambergris Today’s excellent experience at Tranquility Bay Resort as we explore the resort with our Room Service article and its Aquarium Water Top Restaurant in our Restaurant Review article, both coming up later this week.

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

Waking up early was definitely worth it; an amazing sunrise!

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

Stayed at cabaña number six, the Angel Fish Cabaña

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

A glorious sunrise overlooking Tranquility Bay Resort's restaurant and dive shop on the pier

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

White sandy beach, quiet and serene


It takes practically two minutes to kayak to the reef

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

That's how far the reef is from the resort! Cool!

Sunrise at Tranquility Bay Resort

Tranquility Bay Resort - We shall meet again!

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