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Oh how I love September Celebrations in Belize, especially the Independence Day Parade in San Pedro. It is an amazing feeling how we all are out there celebrating one thing – our identity as Belizeans. It is one thing to view the parade from your home or on the street side, but nothing beats being a part of the parade and dancing for your enjoyment and that of everybody!

I have been documenting the Independence Day Parade held in San Pedro on the 21st of September for quite some time now and nothing compares to being in the parade and walking through the large groups filled with vivid colors, loud carnival music and energetic people who are dancing to celebrate the freedom we have in Belize. It’s inspiring and every time I am editing the pictures and videos I want to do it all over again – parade once again!  

Belize Independence Day Parade

Belize Independence Day Parade

Everybody is so full of life and we all seem to put everything that is negative behind us and concentrate on just being happy and celebrating with one another. I end up from taking footage and images to joining the liveliest group to ‘Jump Up”. So I recommend that everybody should, at some time or another, participate in the parade to enjoy the experience.

To visitors, I say – make it a must to visit Belize during the September Celebrations especially during Carnival in Belize City or the Independence Day Parades in Orange Walk or San Pedro; they are all amazing and a one-of-a-kind experience!

Here are some images and video I took with my perspective as I intertwine through the parade and interact with the revelers that make the parade so much fun! Hope you enjoy. Tons More Pictures Here and on Ambergris Today's Facebook.

Belize Independence Day Parade

Belize Independence Day Parade

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