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The fact that you see seaweed on the beach, light poles with very few wires, short, shaky, looking piers and no buildings over the sea tell that you are viewing a flashback of old San Pedro. The first building you see is a famous hotel in the 1970’s, the Ambergris Lodge,  built by George Stefanco. This is the site now of the majestic and lovely Mayan Princess today, and just ahead is Tio Pil’s Lily’s Hotel with an open downstairs and which got its fame from Tio Pil’s culinary seafood delicacies.  Way back there you can see the first cabañas of Paradise Hotel built by Jerry McDermott and run by Ramon Nuñez. And beyond Paradise, there were miles upon miles of coconut palm trees, a reminder of the coconut industry from 1900 to 1931.  This is the San Pedro and Ambergris Caye that our early tourists fell in love with.

Mayan Princess and Beyond

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