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This is perhaps the very first demonstration in San Pedro and it was staged by San Pedro High School.  It was a peaceful demonstration soliciting help to commence the construction of a new building for San Pedro High School.  It was not a demonstration of thousands, but the entire student population which was about 90 boys and girls at the time in 1981.  The Government of Belize had donated the land and the school’s administration was on its way to clean the lot and hold a fund-raising fair to kick off the project.  The question is:  “Was the demonstration successful?”  Well, it took about seven years of planning, working and town cooperation because in 1987 San Pedro High left the town hall building and moved into its spanking one-floor four-classroom building. YES, the first demonstration accomplished its intended objective.   Congratulations to the administration! The Peace Corps teachers you see in photo are Kirk and Lynn Odekirk, whom a lot of you remember.

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