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The Rosary is a Catholic rite practiced in various forms here in San Pedro. It is done at Church, at homes, wakes, and the processions on the streets of the town.  It was in  the 1980’s that our parish priest, the late Reverend Robert Razskowski along with Mrs. Vilma Arceo (+) thought of the idea of a rosary procession at sea to honor Saint Peter who is the Patrol Saint of San Pedro.  Ever since then and up until today we have the annual sea procession on June 29 about 5 a.m. commencing at the main pier in front of Central Park. At times you will find up to fifty skiffs averaging about fifteen persons per small skiff and 25 persons per large ones. Ambergris Today  will keep a  record of the number of boats participating every year to find out when records are broken. Happy Dia de San Pedro to all residents at home and abroad from “Ambergris Today Flashbacks”.

Rosary Boat Procession at Sea for Dia de San Pedro

Rosary Boat Procession Present Time

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