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Delsie & Gerry from the Ambergris Today were on a day trip on the beautiful sister island of Caye Caulker last week. On their exploration of the island they saw many great places but what caught their attention was a pretty peculiar lionfish monument. It was not made out of concrete, brass or wood to honor the lionfish. On the contrary, it was made of real life Lionfish nailed to a 4x4 on a dock. It was some sort of a crucifiction of these pesky marine creatures; a monument stating how the lionfish should be captured and killed in order to protect our beautiful reef. The smell was not that great, but the message was obvious. We don't want these creatures endangering our reef and most fishermen already know to capture and kill them once they are spotted.

Lionfish MonumentLionfish MonumentLionfish MonumentGerry & Delsie pose next to the Lionfish Monument

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