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When challenging situations occur in your life, instead of reacting negatively, start to imagine the possibilities - Emmanuel

Lime Juice
One of the most famous drinks in San Pedro is lime juice. Everyone enjoys this refreshing drink made from tangy limes grown in Belize. Belize grows plenty of limes of all sizes. Sometimes the bigger ones don’t have as much juice as the smaller ones, but you can’t tell by looking at or smelling the limes. I’ve come across some dry limes, even though they appear juicy from the outside. Once limes are squeezed, you just have to sweeten to your taste.
For me, lime juice is like living every day. There are some sour things to deal with now and then. You have a choice how you receive bitter events. We can’t control what happens daily, but we can make choices that bring us closer to joy. Despite what is going on in your life, choose to turn your sour events into sweet lime juice.

In doing this, you can also teach your children to make lime juice. Showing them the sweeter side of life, gives them a chance to turn the sour days around finding and spreading joy as they grow in life.
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