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Pampered Paws celebrated their 10th Anniversary on September 24, 2011 at their pampering center in San Pedro. They invited all their friendly customers and greeted them with their logo decorated cupcakes, while they took a look at their brand new renovated building; many raffles were done during the day and fun prizes were awarded.

Due to their well deserved anniversary the staff of Pampered Paws came up with a video competition for their customers and friends to submit of their pets doing their fun tricks. The winner of the competition are as follows: First Prize winner of the one year free grooming went to Fluffy from (Gaven, Perlita and Jose Luis Zapata), Second Prize was a tie between Chloe (Eileen Jamison) and Snowy & Prince (Ayonnie Palma), they won 2 months power walk, Third prize went to Dogs gone wild (Nellie Gomez Family) winning a Dog training package. Congratulations to all the winners and wishing Pampered Paws many more success, keep up the good work.

Pampered Paws 10th Anniversary

Gaven Zapata -First Place Winner of the Video Competition!

Pampered Paws 10th Anniversary

15th Customer to enter Pampered Paws; Ric Haley won a full groom for his pet (One of many prizes given).

Pampered Paws 10th Anniversary

Delicious decorated cupcakes were given to customers

Pampered Paws 10th Anniversary

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