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Contract signed with local architectural firm.

Under the Sustainable Tourism Program, over $6 million Bze of IDB funding, will be invested in a boardwalk stretching 2000 linear feet along the water–front and transforming the back lagoon area of San Pedro Town. The development will incorporate a multipurpose pier housing international and domestic water taxi terminals and small scale shopping. A destination for tourists and locals, the boardwalk will be designed to promote an atmosphere of leisure and relaxation; maintaining the identity of San Pedro Town, while revitalizing the surrounding area.

Local architectural firm International Environments Ltd. based in Belize City was awarded the contract for the feasibility, planning, and design of the Sunset Pier and Boardwalk based on the strength of their technical and price proposals. Today Principal Daniel Arguelles signed off on the $ 482,500 Bz agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and the Belize Tourism Board. IE was one of 12 firms from the local and international arena who expressed an interest in this challenging under–taking. Their experienced, professionals have stated a strong commitment to developing a driver of future economic growth for San Pedro Town, creating further commercial and tourism opportunities and encouraging local ownership of the development.

IE's team will carry out detailed marine and geotechnical investigations, social environmental studies and economic analysis, contributing to the final blueprints. A manual will also be developed to guide sustainable operations thus ensuring an efficient an successful public amenity for the future. The planning phase will span five months, setting the stage for construction to begin early next year.

Funding for the US$15million Sustainable Tourism Program is provided by the Government of Belize through an IDB loan, and from the Belize Tourism Board. For more information about the program please contact the Project Coordinating Unit at

$6Mil Makeover for Old Football Field & Embarcadero$6Mil Makeover for Old Football Field & Embarcadero$6Mil Makeover for Old Football Field & Embarcadero

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    i dont  see  where the  bleachers [seating] will  be

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    this  is  so  wrong  in  so  many  ways.... 

    1rstly--another  loan and  it's  atatched  interest structure , is  not  what  any  area  of  belize  needs

    2-there  are  far  more pressing  and  important  needs  to  be  handled... 

    3-tourists  come  to  enjoy  mother  natrues  we  enhance  those first, to  keep  them  atractive for us and  the  tourists  .  fill  in  the  blanks

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