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- Press Release, Belize Police Department, Press Office - On Saturday, November 13, 2010 at about 2:00a.m. Independence Police (ISF) received information of an aircraft suspected to have landed somewhere in Bladden Village. As a result, ISF police proceeded to the area where a white van was seen coming through the area.

With the assistance of Belize Special Assignment Group (B-SAG), the van was intercepted at the San Juan Bus Stop. On board the van were the following persons: Renel Grant, a 33 year old Corporal of Police attached to Traffic Branch in Belize City, as driver; Nelson Middleton, a 39 year old  Corporal of Police  and Driver assigned to the Govenor General who is a resident of Camalote  Village; Lawrence  Humes, a 38 year old Sergeant of Police presently attach to Belmopan Police Station of #2 Grapefruit  Street in Belmopan; Jacinto Roches, a 42 year old Sergeant of Police attached to the Internal Affairs Desk in Belmopan and a resident of #22 Tangerine Street in Belmopan; and Harold Usher a 36 year old Boatman of the Customs Department from Finca Solana in Corozal Town.

All of the van passengers were detained and escorted to the Independence Police Station along with the van. At the station, a thorough search was conducted on the van resulting in the discovery of the following items: Several BDU’s with ADU markings, several wet clothing, 2 car size batteries Atlas brand, muddy jungle boots and tennis, can food, empty sausage cans, a licensed 9mm for Harold Usher. The said van has been processed by Scenes of crimes and Forensic. All items found have been labeled as exhibit.

ASP Alton Alvarez, Officer-in-charge for Independence Police sub formation, along with other police officers left en route to Bladden Village where between miles 56 and 57 they met BDF/B-SAG personnel. At the scene, they secured a white, twin engine, beech craft aircraft 300-FA 137; Black, Red and White in color with number N786B Super King Air 200. The aircraft was processed for finger prints. Also found at the scene was an Atlas brand car battery with 2 pieces of board that had three lights attached on both sides.

Further checks between miles 59 and 60 led to a small white container truck with VIN# JDAMEO8J2RGF75162 that contained twenty three, 17-gallons, plastic containers; three tank with about 500 gallons of aviation fuel and 3 fuel pumps. A total of 12 pine logs were also found in the area.

Searches by the police in the Hicatee Area about 5-10 yards inside some bushes led to the discovery of a GPS Garmin brand, a Iridium Satellite phone, four Hand Held radios, two RAYOVAC Flashlights, a Colt .223 semi-automatic rifle with Sr. No. 007865, a magazine containing five .56 rounds and 2 pairs of camouflage jackets. At around 5:00pm, as a result of further searches in the area conducted by Police, on a road at mile 65 near the Genus Saw Mill at about ¼ mile in led to the discovery of 80 Bails of suspected COCAINE and 17 loose packs of suspected Cocaine. The drugs have since been secured by a police and are being processed by Forensic personnel. ( (pictures by Patrick E. Jones/ PGTV)
Drug PlaneDrug PlaneDrug Plane

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    Drugs are a BIG PART of our Country and so is corruption. But Belize is not alone in corruption its a common thing in all countries. We hear and read countless times of corrupt officials in Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia etc...Some bloggers on other sites are saying lets get the FBI and DEA involved but lets not assume that the FBI, OR DEA IS NOT CORRUPTED. Lets look at the bigger picture. Belize is just a stop over because ALL THOSE DRUGS HAD A HOME ADDRESS AND THAT HOME ADRESS IS THE OLD U….S….A!!!!!

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    I would not be supprised the big guys in goverment are also involved.  So sad for the country of Belize!!!!

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    Again and Again things are taking place in our lovely Country Belize....But again and again I say it:  If we want a health Country....the Leadership himself needs to have healthy actions.....No to Corruption = No currupted Leadership.  Remember that the action is just a result of our thoughts.

    All of this things that takes place shows only one things......We are on urgent need of a Change.  And above everything and anybody there is only one that can bring this change.  Our country needs to go back to its ROOTS. The effective leadership begins with healthy and clear thoughts.  God have mercy on us.

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    hi belize

    we all know that the same athority are all involve in  narcotic and cartel conspiracy. the same police

    are the mule for the cocaine transportation in and out of our country. but the government don't do any

    think to stop this crime that is happening in our society. we all going up side down with this illegal

    well organize crime happening in belize. let put those police in jail for the rest of their life. belize let stand up

    and put a stop to with this!!!!!!!!!!


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    seems that police did all the work again bdf was no where to be seen or so it seems.

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