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Murder VictimAnother unfortunate and disturbing murder case in San Pedro highlights the headlines in San Pedro just a month after the gruesome murder of Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez. This time around a man was shot and killed during the early hours of Sunday, November 28, 2010, in the San Juan Area just north of San Pedro Town and the killing is being linked to illegal drugs.

The victim has been identified as 20-year-old Benjamin Wade; police in their report gave the name of the victim as Bejon Wade. Reports are that Wade was shot in the head at close range and the San Pedro Police Department says that when they picked him up at around 6a.m. he was bleeding profusely from a wound to the left temple.

Police Update: The murder victim has now been identified as Francis Alexander Cardenas (previously known as Bejan "Benjamin" Wade).

Sources say that Wade was found in a sitting position, leaning up against a fence at the corner of Seaweed and Sand Piper Streets. It appears that Wade was first beaten, tortured and then taken to the area in a golf cart where he was shot in the head and left for dead.

Residents in the area report hearing a single gunshot and that it took Police a long time to find a doctor to examine Wade at the scene. It was until about two hours after the shooting that he was able to receive medical attention at the San Pedro Poly Clinic where he died receiving treatment.

Police have recovered a blood-spatters golf cart and an expended 9 millimeter shell believed to have been used in the murder and at the scene there was another 9 millimeter shell recovered.

Wade's body now lies at the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination. Police continue their investigations.

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    This is so sad... mien I knew him.. he was a nice person. He was so young and full of life and he was changing his life.. he had just gotten a job at Iguana's restaurant as assistant chef.. he would of had a week working today.. He was a good person, very good mannerly and respectful.. he will be missed mien.. I can't believe this... He wanted to have a better life and was working.. One night of bashing ended up in murder.. 

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    dat da my hood, i live by that area right there, my dad and mom are upstarirs looking, that is infront of my house!!!!

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    this,  and  other  crime, can not   be  enhancing  the future  tourist  count.....not one  bit...!!

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    well to be real that is house he was renting, my name is chino, my grandpa is fashiko, that guy is cool cool, he never did nothing to hurt no one he was alright, he never did harm, why was he killed, damn for nothing, justice shud be found

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    Police u need to learn more on how to do your investigation mein, an stop blaming most of the crime on innocent people. Not only this crime, i am talking about general. These belize boys coming to this island that don't have a family here are bad for the island. They are the same one doing the crime; they are the ones most of the time you will bearly see. Not just because you see someone out there that night of the crime you will asume oh he bad da he do it no most of the time some one intent to do something they will hide and keep lock down. Come on mein, learn to investigate; govenment need to send you to study to learn to deal with detective. Ban them belize strange boy off the island when u see them arrest them and take them for an ID at the station to see if they wanted somewhere else cause that da all they come do yah crime. And if they the hide out that worst then more crime cause the people weh the hunt them wah cum way yah come kill them an we the islanderz look bad with tourism. Help stop the crime, don't involve your self and be bad cop. I know no one is pefect but when u choose to be police you choose to stop crime not commit it an blame innocent for a few the whole department looks bad cause u work together son uno.

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    this is so sad.... where is Belize going with so many crimes? This will defenetly affect our tourism on the future if it doest stops

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    This is just a wake up call for the People of Belize and the peoples goverment. Each and every person of Belize needs to be caring a side arm openly. This will stop most all crimes on the people. Many studies all over the world clearly shows that when the public carry a side arm in the open crime goes down to almost nothing.

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