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The Government of Belize has proposed to implement a project to improve solid waste management practices in four municipalities of the Western Corridor of Belize (San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and San Ignacio/Santa Elena) that will support the goals of environmental protection, natural resource conservation, and protection of public health, safety and welfare.

This project will contribute to improving the environment and protecting the public health. In addition, it will enhance the image of Belize in the eco-tourism market and strengthen the Solid Waste Management Authority of Belize as the entity responsible for improving solid waste management in the country.

The entire system for solid waste management in the Western Corridor, comprising the new infrastructure will be implemented under a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) contract, which will be required to meet both operational and environmental performance standards. The access road from Mile 24 Western Highway to the Sanitary Landfill is not part of the DBO contract.

This project specifically includes the design, construction and operation of the infrastructure works as follows:

*Closure of dumpsites at San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and San Ignacio/Santa Elena;

*Design, build and operate transfer stations at San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Belize City and San Ignacio/Santa Elena;

*Incorporation of recyclable material “drop-off areas” and designated areas for white goods/bulky waste and HHW at the transfer stations;

*Transportation between transfer stations and the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill; and barging of waste from San Pedro Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker to the Belize Port for long haul to the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill.

For San Pedro surveying and studying for this project commenced on Sunday, January 16 and according to Mr. Gilroy Lewis, Project Director at Belize Solid Waste Management Authority, the vicinity for the transfer station on the island will be located in the lagoon area by Consolidated Waters Ltd.

A waste/generation/composition study has been carried out so as to determine the certain type of waste that is generated on the island and based on that an enclosed building will be constructed for the transfer station and the dumpsite should be closed by January 2012.  All waste will be collected and transported by barges to the Regional Sanitary Landfill located in Mile 24 on the Western Highway.

The Solid Waste Management Authority, executing agency, is staffed with qualified engineers to implement this long awaited project for the benefit of Belizeans along the Western Highway and surrounding areas. The Solid Waste Management Authority extends their assurances to the general public that they will ensure that these facilities are built to the high standards specified in the Bidding Documents, which will also be verified/validated by the funding agencies, the Construction Quality Assurance/Control Engineer, Operations Audit Firm, the DOE and a Community Advisory Group that will be formed.

San Pedro Solid Waste ManagementExample as to how the solid waste management will take place in the near future.Example of how garbage will be barged to the mainland

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    Several thoughts on this......

    1.  Maybe this will finally clear up the fly problem around mile 2.5 in the location of the current AC landfill/dump.

    2.  Will the barges be covered (nets or tarps) to keep trash from dropping and flying off into our prestine waters?

    3.  This article has not addressed trash pick up north of the bridge.  Where will this trash accummulate for hauling away?

    4.  A recent scathing article describes the Port of Belize as an undesireable location for ships to dock, much less unload.  How will these barges be safely unloaded and not dump more trash in the waters around the Port?

    5.   This would be an unpleasant load to pass when water taxis would pass in the day time.  Will transport to the mainland be done at night?

    6.  If the new collection area will be behind Consolidated Water Ltd, does that mean that the trash trucks will travel "marina road" by the current barge location?  Another pleasant thing for DFC residents and the homes being built by Sugar Caye development to witness and smell.

    7.  Where will yard trash, tree/brush cuttings and discarded construction wood now be taken?  To the old dump site for burning?

    Sincerely,  Jan Brown  (loved the Word verification pun - PE U)

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    Is there currently anywhere on the island to recycle plastic and glass (that cannot be returned for deposit)?

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    The only place that we know of that recyles plastic bottles is Bowen and Bowen Distributors. They collect plastic bottles that are recycled. The glass bottles are returned for deposit.

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    yes, there is a lady in the dumping site that collect those bottles. She sells those materials to Belize Recycling Company in Belize

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    landfills  are  archaic.....

    they pollute the  groundwater..and  the  air.. 

    they  produce  methane  and  other dangerous  gassess

    they  encourage  rodent population  increase

    they  promote  desease....

    too  bad  the  gob  doesnt  buy   electricity producing  garbage many so-called modern  countries  use,,,,


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    Let' not confuse dumpsites with sanitary landfills.  If designed and constructed properly, the sanitary should not have those problems.

    The selection of the location is key since and area with material that is less porous will not allow much of the fluids to contaminate the ground water; then it could could be sealed to have an impermeable layer or an impermeable plastic lining places so that it does not contaminate the ground water.

    The gas produced at sanitary landfills could be controlled if so designed so that is it burnt or use for lectricity generation.

    Maybe there should be another article on this foucusing on the design of the sanitary landfill in order for the readers to find out if this sanitary landfill is properly designed and will be properly managed to ensure is environmentally friendly and how the problems mentioned in your coment are addressed.

    I think it is a step in the right direction.


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