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Kerstin and Holger from Frankfurt, Germany describe themselves as ex yuppies turned full-time travelers and volunteer consultants. We discovered this fun video of theirs as they post travel videos on their YouTube Channel from all over the world: hiking, diving, extreme sports, underwater, relaxing, road trips. “All with good, rocking soundtracks!” they state. :) Their hobbies include scuba, diving, hiking, repelling, extreme, sports, tattoo, rock, music, road, trips, cars and beer.

On November 10, 2011, they posted this video of Animals at Banyan Bay:
“We were relaxing at the Villas at Banyan Bay when the crew from Rico's Restaurant asked us if we wanted to watch the moray eel feeding. We stuck a camera on a broom and took a closer look at the eels. Also features Banyan Bay's resident iguanas. Oh, I love Iguanas!”


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Dorian Nuñez


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    Hey guys, 

    just found this by chance. Thanks for featuring our video!


    Holger from

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    Your welcome. It's a cool video and wanted to share! Laughing

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