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- Press Release, Belmopan, December 15, 2011 - The Fisheries Department hereby informs the GENERAL PUBLIC that it will start the renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2012 on December 19, 2011. Applicants are advised that they must present the following documents when applying:

(a) Applicant must be 18 years or older and
(b) Present a valid Social Security Card or
(c) Voters Identification Card and a Birth Certificate or
(d) Valid Passport and

(a) Applicant must be 18 years or older and
(b) Present Nationality Certificate & valid Social Security Card or
(c) Valid Passport and

(a) Applicant must be 18 years or older and
(b) Present Residence Stamp on valid Passport and
(c) Present a valid Social Security Card and

If license (Fisher folk and Boat) was issued in 2009 and onwards then there is no need to submit all documents as required in the first issue. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements ALL applicants must pay the required fees and present the following information:

(a) Proof of residency (Copy of one utility bill: Electricity, Water or Telephone on fisher’s name) and
(b) Proof of sale in Belize (Receipts of sale of fishery products from fishermen cooperative, restaurant, hotel, etc.)

The fisherman must present the receipt issued by the Police Department or the report stating the loss of the license (Fisherman or boat).

Note: If no utility bill is available on fisher’s name, then the applicant is required to present copy of the utility bill on landlords name or the last three (3) months rental receipt and an affidavit or letter from the landlord stating that the applicant is residing at his/her residence for the last three (3) months and this needs to be signed by a Justice of the Peace.


(a) A fisher folk license
(b) One Passport size picture
(c) Proof of compliance with data submission (RENEWALS)

Note: Managed access licenses will be issued within five working days from the date of application.

Any queries, observations or requests for information can be made in person at the Department Offices in Belize City or Punta Gorda, or can be alternately made by calling telephone numbers: 224-4552 or 203-2623 or 722-2662, or by e-mail at:

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Dorian Nuñez


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    This licensing is a lot of bull .  So many of us just like to go fishing on a Sunday for fun or for the family so government punishes us for that.  What's next?  License to walk the beach, or to go swimming?  It is all about taxes and more taxes.  This gov. has to go.

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    Why complain when you don't even know what the license is for.  The Fisherfolk license is for commercial fishermen who use the waters around Belize.  Don't create a hurricane in a glass of water!!!!

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