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Eighteen Teachers from various primary schools in San Pedro graduated this past weekend, January 29 from the University of Belize.  These are teachers in Primary schools with Associate Degrees but without teaching pedagogy.  The University of Belize facilitated this program by offering courses in San Pedro during the summer vacations.  To complete the program successfully teachers had to do an internship by teaching in various schools around the island under the supervision of several educators from the Island.

Teachers who received their Certificates in Education from U.B come from San Pedro R.C. School, Holy Cross Anglican School, New Horizons Adventist School and Island Bonita Elementary.  Their supervisors during their internship were Ms. Candy Armstrong, Education Officer; Angel Nunez, Former Principal San Pedro High; Mr. Frank Nunez, Principal St. Peter’s; and Ms. Janet Vucinich, Educator at San Pedro Jr. College.  The internship lasted for one full term which led to graduation at the University campus.

Ambergris Today salutes all graduate teachers and encourages all teachers to work towards their certification and help uplift the standard of education to higher levels yet.  The following are the graduates: New Horizons Teachers - Elizabeth Sansorez, Miguel Hernandez and Adilma Hernandez. Isla Bonita Elementary School teacher - Addy Martinez. Holy Cross Anglican School Teachers - Ms. Diane Martinez, Ms. Jamira Tillet, Ms. Zulma Valles and Mr. Daniel Jones. San Pedro RC School Teachers - Mrs. Diana Uh, Mrs. Isauri Cortez, Mr. Robert Ramirez, Mrs. Yvonne Gonzalez, Mr. Nery Cortez, Mr. Roberto Gongora, Mr. Kenny Witzil, Mr. Jesus Lozano.

Isla Bonita Elementary School - Principal/teacher Addy MartinezHoly Cross Anglican School TeachersSPRCS Teachers

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    That is really a great news to hear! Congrats teachers!!!

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    Congratulations to all graduating teachers, and I hope your raise of pay comes soon. 

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    good work teachers thumbs up


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    As far as I know there are also online edd programs for that, people should know about their options and Belize makes no exception. I have friends that graduated this way and they have the jobs they were trained for today. Online education is here to stay, we'd better take advantage of it.

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    Let's hope we'll get to see many other educational program so of this kind, I have relatives in the area and I know for a fact that the education prospects need improvements. Even online education is an actual possibility these days, I have an online nursing bachelors degree and the effort is starting to pay off.

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