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Press Release - 29th of June 2011 - It’s a common story and one that SAGA Humane Society hears much too often –“I brought my dog or cat from another country and now I can’t take him back with me.”  Or, even worse, “I went to another country to get my pet and now I don’t want him anymore”.  You would imagine that people who go through all the trouble and cost of importing a pet would be committed to caring for it for the rest of its life. As all responsible animal lovers know – a pet is a lifelong commitment. Pets are not disposable.

Sadly for sweet, sweet Mocha, he was just abandoned like a piece of garbage on the street.  He was brought to San Pedro from Mexico and then dumped when his irresponsible owner didn’t want him anymore.  If only they had brought him to SAGA straight away.  Unfortunately, some people make the unbelievable decision to just leave their dog to a life of danger, disease and misery on the streets even when we have a very good humane society who will care for the animal and find it a loving new home.

Little Mocha ended up becoming a street dog, his only companions a group of street dwelling alcoholics from whom he was able to scavenge small amounts of food and the occasional kindness.

One day he was badly savaged by a group of dogs.  He received very serious injuries to his neck, which with no care, gradually grew into a huge hole.  Finally, someone took pity on Mocha and brought him into the loving care of SAGA Humane Society, where he immediately received the very best in veterinary care.  The staff worked very hard to give Mocha the attention and medical support he needed until he recovered fully – the only thing to left remind anyone of his terrible experience was a scar on his neck.

Like so many dogs that SAGA Humane Society rescue, Mocha was a very sweet dog – just like his namesake – and it wasn’t long before a wonderful family met him and fell in love with his courage and cute personality.  Now Mocha has the permanent and responsible home he deserved from the beginning.  He has a forever home.

If you or someone you know has to give up their pet for any reason at all,
call SAGA on 226 3266 and they will be more than happy to help.  All dogs and cats deserve a sweet, sweet ending.
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    Thank you SAGA, for nursing Mocha back to health and helping him to find a forever home.  It is so very true, pets are a commitment and should never be abandoned to fend for themselves.  It's a harsh world out there, and our pets need us.

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    SAGA again to the rescue.  Thumbs up for all those involve in this organization that does make a difference to our island.

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    I can't even think of one justifiable reason for a person to  leave a pet behind. You got them ther, you can get them home!  I moved from the States with my only companions being  my 2 dogs who I'd had since puppyhood. What started off as a great experience for them and a great time, turned into a bad living situation with a man that one of them clearly disliked and feared.  I couldn't fly back to the states right away (for many months actully) because of heat restrictions. I stuck it out. I wan't going home without my best friends.  If I'd have known where I was going I could have had more dogs, I would have brought home a couple from Saga. They are special dogs. Grateful for being able to finally experience "THe Good Life" when a good family sees their potential. Thanks to Saga and Pampered Paws for all their hard work.

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