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Meet Idolly Louise Saldivar, the 21-year-old contestant who will be representing our host country of Belize at the La Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant 2011. She is 5’10? and has a 32-25-35 figure.

Idolly grew up in Belmopan where she entered and won the Miss Belmopan pageant at the age of 17. She was always interested in fashion, modeling and pageantry and the pageant was her first competition. Since then Idolly has modeled on various runways in Belize and recently she was one of the top models at this year’s Belize Design Week.

Idolly also represented Belize in the Miss Piel Dorada 2011 Pageant and she made history by becoming the fourth Belizean lady to be crowned Miss Elegance Belize International 2010.  She was also chosen as Miss Photogenic and received over 51% of the celebrity votes cast. She was chosen to be in the first Belizean Pride Calendar 2010 as Miss February. All proceeds of the calendar were donated to the Belize Bleeding Disorders Foundation.

 She serves as an Official Ambassador for the Teens Belize Organization and advocates for various "teen empowerment and development based" platforms where she strives to uphold "The Belizean Inspiration: Nothing More, Nothing Less" motto of the Teens Belize Organization. Idolly participates in fashion shows for charity. A beautiful young Belizean ambassador! In her spare time, Idolly enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her friend.

The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival takes place from August 4 to August 7, 2011. The Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant takes place on Friday, August 5, where eight Central American/Mundo Maya Countries (including Mexico) vie for the prestigious international crown. Visit the Costa Maya Festival’s official website for more information and make sure you “LIKE” the Costa Maya Facebook Page.

Tickets on Sale Soon!
Ticket sales for the Costa Maya Festival will start very soon. For more information, sponsorship or assistance you can visit the Costa Maya Festival office located on Black Coral Street across from Cindy’s Fast Food, next to the Atlantic Bank empty lot (previously Nancy’s Store). Ticket Prices are as follow:

Season Pass: Adults - $120, Children - $50

Thursday Opening Night: Adults - $40, Children - $15
Friday Pageant Night: Adults - $40, Children - $15
Saturday International Night: Adults - $100, Children - $50
Sunday Beach Party: Open to the public at Central Park

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    too  bad  her  banner  doesnt  say  ''BELIZE''

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    So where is BELIZE Latina, I know it is so easy to critic but come on SAN PEDRO, use your resources better noh!  I know you want women with experience but you also want a contender.  You know what I’ll take my own advice on this, since I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t say anything at all.  But I haffi say this…… I’m happy to see NICH constantly helping out/ supporting but I strongly believe you guys can come up with a committee to breathe your own expectation of a BELIZE representative.    

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    So, we have a comment re the desire for a "latina" representative, followed by an comment suggesting the latina spelling of Belize should not have been used - use the English spelling of "Belize"! I am sure there may be more such "ethnic" preferences suggested, and it is good to be proud of your lineage! BUT, we are a country of ethnic diversity and should also be proud of this, proud to belong, proud of any Belizean who steps forward to represent our country - what have you done to promote "Belize" lately??

    I am a "gringo" with mainly Scottish blood, mingled with German, some French and Algonquin (native Canadian Indian). I am also a Belizean citizen, married to a Spanish Cooley gal and I have a "Spanish" step son and a "dark/Garifuna" step daughter - we are a united family!

    When I was young, I had one "racial lesson" from my father - he pulled out his fishing knife, laid it against his forearm, and said "It does not matter what color this thin patch of skin is, what matters is the color of your heart!" We are all the same color under this thin patch of skin, so let rally and support any Belizean who steps forward to represent us and Belize in a positive manner - we surely need more!

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    enough lecture about ur race -  its  Costa Maya - MAYA with the closest of being Hispanic, if that makes any sense!  if she speaks good enough spanish to interact with all the other delegates then great especially being the HOST country... This type of pageantry should be with a purpose and more than beauty and bla bla bla which means she needs to be an ambassador.  I'm sure all of us love being a BELIZEAN and is proud of being in this melting pot but note that every pageant has or should have thier own purpose and standard.

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    "MAYA with the closest of being Hispanic"

    What does this even mean?

    Maya is as distinct from Hispanic as it is from any other ethnicity.

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    Idolly, you are the most beautiful one from the bunch.  Good luck tonight. :) 

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    Very true. The name of the country is Belize.

    We even have a Cabinet resolution to that effect.

    And no, "Belice" is not a translation.

    So, please, let's get it right!

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