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“Time to hit the bar” says AOL Travel News as it reports on the Ten Best Airport Bars in the World. And guess what? Belize’s very own famous Jets Bar makes the list! WOW!

Anybody who has traveled two and from Belize knows or has visited Jets Bar at Belize’s Phillip Goldson International Airport, no doubt about that! You are bound into a charismatic little fellow by the name of Eden Holland, aka “Jet”. He is always at his business Jets Bar except on Christmas day and Good Friday, but he loves his business and works hard to support his family. And it is this dedication and charm that has made Jets Bar so famous amongst visitors from around the globe to Belize.

Airports all over the world are improving delayed flyers' experiences by improving their drinking establishments, says AOL Travel News in its feature.  “Frequent flyers no longer find themselves sitting in McDonald's for 3 hours. Instead, vacationers in Belize’ International Airport hit the sauce in old-fashioned Caribbean style.” We are so happy to see that AOL gives merit to Jets Bar as one of the Top Ten Best Airport Bars in the World.

Jets Bar is very festive as there are Christmas lights and Christmas decorations all year round. Jet says, “Its Christmas every day,” and he defiantly has the spirit. He has a large display of all the different people he has taken pictures with displayed on the bar.

Something unique and special that you will find a Jets Bar is the patches and badges that have been given to him as gifts from firefighters, policemen, lifeguards and many other service men. Jet doesn’t only receive gifts, he also gives them. He autographs Belikin coasters with a special message that reads, “Thank you for choosing Belize”; and he means it.

Make sure that when you are at Belize Phillip Goldson International Airport you visit Jet’s Bar Departure Lounge. You can enjoy hot dogs, ham and cheese sandwiches or have a drink, while you wait for your flight.

Sure it's the only bar in the place, very tiny and might not compare to all the other fancy and large airport bars on AOL’s list, but its charm definitely makes up for everything. At least it treats its patrons with care and Mr. Jet will set up a call from your departure just to make sure you don't miss your flight!

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Jets BarJets BarJets BarJets Bar

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Dorian Nuñez


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    Fantastic! I am so happy Belize is getting more and more notice. Congrats Jet's Bar.

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    I met Jet 2 years ago and he is one of the reasons I decided to build a home in san pedro. What a great guy. Thanks Jet you freind Rob

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    We own a home on Abergris Caye, North of the cut, and visit Jet's Bar everytime we fly out and most of the time flying in.  Jet is a great guy with good staff.  Yep, the bar is small and unassuming yet it offers much more of a human atmosphere than most of the phoo-phoo bars that people with stupid money like to visit.  Can't wait to get back to our second, soon to be first home!

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    I always judge the airport on its food.  Is there a good selection?  Is there good atmosphere?  Is it affordable?  Does the airport have vending machines for when the restaurants are closed?  I think that food is very important to a traveler.  I have never been to Belize, but if I ever go, I'll have to keep Jet's Bar in mind!

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