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It is very rare when a person(s) stand up and fight back against a criminal but it is even rarer when a woman goes against three burglars. And that was exactly the case here in San Pedro Town as well known politician and community activist Mrs. Murlene “Mel” Spain took out her licensed firearm and fired a warning shot at three burglars.

According to the official police report, on Sunday, March 13, at around 3:00 a.m. Daniel Estell was sleeping and was awakened by the sound of a gunshot. He was informed that his 16ft fiberglass skiff named “How u like mi now” which is docked in front of his house was being stolen.

There were three persons in another boat who were trying to steal the docked boat when Mrs. Mel took out her licensed .38 revolver and fired a warning shot. The persons released the boat and tried to escape but experienced mechanical failure in their boat and the three persons were detained by San Pedro Police.

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    Nice going Mel!  I wish you could have shot the bastards...

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    YES, rigth between the eyes. I think all honest and responsible residents should apply for their gun permit.  Or do we have to wait for the situation to worsen? ENOUGH ALREADY!

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    Too bad she missed!

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    poetic justice :)

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    That's why these crimes keep happening, darn policemen still not doing their jobs.....they are always zzzz....but if u pass by the station without a light or something, they are ready to harass you

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    so can we please have pictures of the boat thieves ... its the least we deserve :)

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    Oh Yeah, Mel, women should show stupid men, that they can defend themselves. Now the thieves get hopefully raped in jail...

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