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Reports reached our office that an American national went missing on Saturday, March 19 on a snorkeling trip after he got separated from his group. Ambergris Today contacted Caye Caulker Police Station and was told that a 55-year-old American National was rescued around midday on Sunday, March 20 on Northern Caye Caulker Village.

According to the Caye Caulker Police, Eric Resse was with three other people on a snorkeling trip on board “Great Escape” boat which belongs to Mr. Jack Burnet of #1781 Princess Drive, San Pedro Town. The group headed to Hol Chan Marine Reserve when somehow Resse got separated from his group.

Resse was reported to have been at sea all night and was rescued on Sunday, March 20 shortly after midday in a mangrove thicket on Northern Caye Caulker Village. Resse was taken to the Caye Caulker Police Station and after having told his survival story to police he was reunited with his snorkeling group.

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    he should go to the show "i shouldn't be alive"

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    Now that can't be good for business...

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    Question:  Does the owner of the essel havea license to take tourists to Hol Chan?  What are the authorities saying about this or is it not important tobe qualified?  Even the taxi drivers have to be qualified?

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    So can anybody take out guest to Hol Chan ? This is the reason we have tour guides . Get one Jack !!!!!You should be held accountable for your WRONG actions of trying to be a tour guide .

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    I agree. He sould reimburse the Coast Guard for their expenses. the price of gas. salaries, etc. Jack comes to Belize and expects free services. 

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    This was a group of 4 friends out for an afternoon near the North Caye Caulker Cut area and not the Hol Chan Reserve. Boat and captain properly licensed. The separation occurred at sea not in a preserve. Very lucky that the outcome was positive.


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    Jack has no idea what he is doing.

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    Jack should reimburse the Coast Gurard for their expenses. Gas. Salaries.Etc. We are a poor country. Jack comes here and expects free services. Charge him, I say 

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