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Construction is proceeding rapidly at the San Pedro High School grounds of the San Pedro Jr. College Hon. Manuel Heredia Hall. This building will serve some 600 students of San Pedro High School and San Pedro Jr. College. The project is being supervised by Mr. Angel Nuñez, President of the Jr. College and will be named Hon. Manuel Heredia Hall as he has kindly provided the funding for such building.
In charge of the actual construction is Met’s Construction under the able hands of Emeterio Sansorez Jr. When the building is completed it will be fully ventilated with ceiling fans, be fully tiled and house two regular size classrooms and one large one. Inauguration of this brand new facility is not yet scheduled but expected some time in late April before the end of this school year.

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    The PUP has hundreds and Thousands of members and as a party we do endorse projects that will benefit our community especially in education regardless of who takes the iniciative, so a as chairman of the PUP in San Pedro I will have to disassociate my party from one of our members opinion, which in our democracy has all the right to do so, but as a party we do endorse this project.


    PUP Chairman 

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