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Streets were closed off; traffic was crazy on the island and police officers everywhere, people asking who’s here? So what was all the commotion about? Gene Simmons “The Demon”, bassist/vocalist of rock band –KISS is in San Pedro filming an episode of Gene Simmons Family Show.

Ambergris Today’s reporters were out to catch a picture of the famous artist and followed Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed and the camera crew as they filmed on the main streets of San Pedro. Gene and Shannon were filmed on Barrier Reef Drive as they visited local stores, Pretty Ethnic and Salty Dog.

Gene along with his film crew was in the company of Belize Police and even had several main roads blocked for their filming. Gene and Shannon then visited one of San Pedro’s famous restaurants – Elvi’s Kitchen.

Simmons and Tweed have been riding around town along with their film crew and will be filming at two of San Pedro’s top resorts. Stay tuned for video footage of Gene Simmons filming on Ambergris Caye.

Biography of Gene Simmons:

Gene Simmons was born in Haifa, Israel in 1949, and is the only child of his mother, a German Nazi Concentration Camp survivor. He went to America at eight and a half years of age. He has always attributed his ethics, morals and drive to his mother's notion's about life. "Every day above ground, is a good day," his mother is apt to say. Every day above ground, indeed.

He graduated State University (NYSU) and City University (CUNY) and got a Bachelor of Education degree. He taught sixth grade in Spanish Harlem in New York City. He then became the Assistant to the Director of the Puerto Rican InterAgency Council, a government funded research and demonstration project. He worked at Glamour and then at Vogue, as the assistant to the editor, Kate Lloyd.

Gene speaks a few languages: English, Hungarian, Hebrew, German and is getting better at Japanese every day. At present, he is becoming fascinated by Mandarin Chinese and has every intention of becoming fluent in it.

Gene Simmons has never been married. He has had live in relationships with Cher and Diana Ross. He has been happily unmarried for 25 years to Shannon Tweed, the mother of his two beautiful children, Nick and Sophie.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels - About the Show:
Dad is Gene Simmons -- the legendary, tongue wagging demon of KISS. Mom is Shannon Tweed -- former Playmate of the Year, actress and model. And their kids Nick and Sophie are dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, even though Mom and Dad are truly like no one else's parents.

Gene and Shannon have been happily UNmarried for over 20 years and have no plans of getting married any time soon. Gene is a multi-millionaire rock star and a multi-media magnate. He is a renowned ladies man - but also the kind of dad who brings Gatorade to his daughter's soccer games and stands in the front row when his son's rock band plays gigs. Each episode of GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS™ reveals another layer of Gene's private self, a side that he has kept hidden until now, and shows how the most non-traditional, traditional family in America manages to make it all work under the strangest of circumstances.

Funny, loving, often at odds, this is a real life extraordinary family -- but one that we can all identify with. The Simmons-Tweed clan continues to prove, yet again, why they are the most non-traditional, traditional family in America.

Gene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris CayeGene Simmons in Ambergris Caye

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    First Reese Witherspoon, now Gene Simmons... who's next? 



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    Ambergris Today, you guys rock! Well written article and pictures giving everybody the exclusive!

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    ROCK ON! So excited he was here, too bad i didnt see him live.

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    Somebody make sure he gets to hear Derrick Banos play bass!

    Mary Ellen Gilmartin

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    omg! <3

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    This is Awwsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love you, I love your music and I love you show but it's time to put on your big boy pants and your big boy boots and focus your attn. and your energy on Shannon and your family. Without them your  not all that Gene. You have an amazing family. You are acting out like a child with this "No one tells me what to do, or when to do it." Really???? WTF???

    I cried as I watched the season premier of your family jewels show. What a pity to see how things have crumbled. It's high time you put your words into action. You claim to love Shannon and need her and all, yet you are not willing to give yourself 100% to her. She has been there all these years putting up with your shit. She has kept your family together,NOT YOU GENE.

    NO amount of money takes the place of a warm body being next to you at home at night. Shannon could have screwed around on you all those years and didn't. She was not married to you but she was faithful.

    My hope for you is to be a man and fix your family instead of expecting them to fix you. Shannon and the kids are broken and you have the power to fix them but will you?

    I for one am so disgusted. I have totally changed the way I see you. Your true colors have come through I'm sad to say. It breaks my heart that yet another family has fallen apart and I believe reality tv and the cameras in your face all the time is making it worse. Let the show go! Without Shannon you have no show anyway.

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    July  18, 2011

    I love this show, and have watched it from the begining, even re-runs, but Gene it is time to growup be a man that I know you really are and do the right thing. I am sure you will not even read these but it is still good to hope there will be the happy ending . I pray for it.

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