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By Gerry Badillo

On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, all the schools of San Pedro Town (Isla Bonita Elementary, San Pedro Roman Catholic School, New Horizon SDA School, Holy Cross Anglican School, Ambergris Caye Elementary and St. Peter’s Elementary) gathered at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium to showcase their best talents in front of the judges of the Belize District Festival of Arts. The festival featured skits, singing, poem recitals, dancing and more.

The auditorium was alive as all schools cheered for their students as they competed against each other to win either a silver or gold title, but most importantly to perform and entertain. Many parents were amazed and wowed as they saw their children express themselves in an educational and talented competition. As the magnificent festival came to an end, all schools and their respective performers were awarded. Congratulations to all schools for their success on an amazing night.

List of winners:
St. Peter’s Elementary School – “Tribute to the Belize Ethnicity” Dance (Silver)
San Pedro R. C. School – “The Big Enormous Turnip” Skit (Silver)
San Pedro R.C School – “Balahue” Dance (Silver)
Isla Bonita Elementary – Instrumental Solo (Silver)
Ambergris Caye Elementary – “Waka Waka” Dance (Gold)
Holy Cross Anglican School – “Belizean Princess” Poem (Silver)
San Pedro R.C School – “Mayan Chiefs and Maidens” Skit (Silver)
New Horizon SDA School – “El Vive” Skit (Silver)
New Horizon SDA School – Pantomime “My Redeemer” (Gold)
Holy Cross Anglican School – “The Splendor of a King” Skit (Silver)
San Pedro R.C. School – “Spice” Dance (Gold)
New Horizon SDA School – “In Jesus Christ We Praise” Singing (Silver)
San Pedro R. C. School – Neslen Rivero “Somebody” Singing (Silver)
New Horizon SDA School – “Seek Ye First” Instrumental (Silver)
Isla Bonita Elementary – “Danca Kuduro” Dance (Silver)

St. Peter's Elementary (Tribute to the Belizean Ethnicity)St. Peter's Elementary (Tribute to the Belizean Ethnicity)St. Peter's Elementary (Tribute to the Belizean Ethnicity)St. Peter's Elementary (Tribute to the Belizean Ethnicity)St. Peter's Elementary (Tribute to the Belizean Ethnicity)San Pedro R.C. School (The Big Enorous Turnip)San Pedro R.C. School (Balahue Dance)Isla Bonita Elementary (Instrumental Solo)Ambergris Caye Elementary (Waka Waka Dance)Holy Cross Anglican School (Belizean Princess Poem)San Pedro R.C. School (Mayan Chiefs and Maidens Dance)New Horizon SDA School (El Vive Skit)New Horizon SDA School (My Redeemer Pantomime)Holy Cross Anglican School (The Splendor of a King Choral))San Pedro R.C. School (Spice Dance)New Horizon SDA School (In Jesus Christ We Praise Choral)San Pedro R.C. School (Neslen Rivero sings Somebody)New Horizon SDA School (Seek Ye First Instrumental)Isla Bonita Elementary (Danca Kuduro Dance)

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Dorian Nuñez


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    So, I was looking thru the pics and realized something...why did the Isla Bonita Group have to be so scantily clad. i understand they are dancing to a song whose video has scantily clad WOMEN, but these young ladies have no business exposing their midriffs and legs and wearing that much make-up in a provocative manner.

    I think parents on this island have their priorities all wrong and need to focus more on their children's educations rather than social activities if this is the type of image we will put out there for the rest of Belize to see.

    I say all this, not only as a concerned resident of San Pedro who cares about the image of this island, but also as a former National Drama Coordinator at NICH. I have seen San Pedranos coming to the NCFA for yeaaaars portraying this sort of image and I think we need to focus more on the quality of the performance rather than the look of the outfit.

    On a side note, in the USA, who we try so hard to emulate, it's actually ILLEGAL for children to dress like that in performances/pageants.


    Tomás Gongora, Sr. 

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    I understand your concern about this issue, but I also believe that it also has to do with cultural differences. Latin American culture has the female figure as a more sexual being and Latinas dress is a lot different from women in the US. I agree that there is a line that we have to draw when it comes to dressing up our little girls, but I do not see anything wrong with them using "costumes" like these ones when they are performing on stage. As long as the dance moves are not too provocative as well. 

    Educating our children is important but they also need social activites like this one so that they can express themselves, have fun and develope their personalities. We cannot ban them from fun events like this one. And I think its HARDLY illegal to dress this way, as long as we are not manipulating them in a sexual way, i don't think its illegal or wrong.

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