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An employee at the Caribeña Fuels Gas Station was robbed at gunpoint on Friday, November 11, 2011. No one was injured and the assailant got away with a bag of money.

According San Pedro Police, a gas station attendant at Caribeña Fuels Gas Station, located on the corner of Blake Street and Sea Grape Drive, reported that around 8:40 p.m., whilst on duty and attending at the gas station, a male person wearing a rag on his face approached him, pointed a hand gun at him and demanded money.

The attendant surrendered a black pouch that he was wearing on his neck to the assailant. The pouch contained a total of $658.00 Bze in assorted currency. The attendant, at the time of the incident, was at the fuel station along with four other persons. The assailant then ran north along Sea Grape Drive and made managed to escape.

San Pedro Police responded to the area where an extensive search was conducted but the individual was not found. The matter is still under investigation.

The Police are asking the general public who may have any information or any other matter which could be of assistance to the police to kindly come forward.

Note from the SP Police Department: With the approach of the Holiday Season San Pedro Police would like to advice all property and business owners to be a little more aware of their surroundings and to be more security conscious; especially since thieves and opportunist criminals will take advantage of these times.

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    If crimes like this are not taken care of right away on the Island it's going to make tourist think twice about comming to the Island in fear of it happening to them.


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    To the Police:   How about a body search for weapons and drugs of any suspicious male person who seems to be idling or walking aimlessly down trhe streets during working hours.  The community would appreciate such an actrion.

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    you  sound  extreamly  suspicious.....[and  gender  bias  too]

    do  you   reall  think  the  north american  tourist  would   welcome  that  old time  feeling  of   thier  police-state homeland....on  thier  vacation...with  street  body  searches....[cavities  too...?]......

    i  gats  mi   doubts.....

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    It's going to be hard to search anyone idly walking down the street during working hours because a lot of ppl have random working hours due to san pedro's attractions. while you have some places with normal 8-5 hours you have waitresses bartenders who make up a lot of the work force in san pedro who'e hours vary from 11-5 or 5-1am or 5am to afternoon, however it goes depending on the business. Now what police can do is rub down those idly drinking on corners and just looking for a tourist to hustle (everyone knows exactly where to find them, on the beach by big daddys start there). But they can't rub down anyone idly walking down the street during working hours. I'd be pissed if i were bored and decided to go for an afternoon stroll and get frisked because i was walking during that time. just says i cant enjoy the island.

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    if  you  are  a  local.....the  police   will  do  a  st.  search  any  damn  time  they  feel  like  it.....especially  if  you  appear  to  be  poor...!!....and  if  theres  any's  off  to   jail...on   some  phoney  charge.....where  the   ambience  of   stale  urine  swirls   round in  the  breeze.......24/7....

    a shamefull situation   for   bzean,sanpedranno,tourist,and  the  police  themselves  to  have to  experience,daily...!!

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    Why is that everythime something Like that happens.... the police never investigates the problem good!

    Every news you hear or read it will always say that the police are still investigating! I believe that Police are not doing their job right!

    Thats All! :D

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