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- Press Release, September 5, 2011 - On Sunday, September 4, 2011, San Pedro Independent Mayoral Candidate Mrs. Melanie Paz met with supporters and close friends to formulate her campaign strategy and to listen to advice and concerns. After a lively and interactive meeting, the group voted for a committee that will spearhead a positive campaign in the months leading to the 2012 municipal election.

Rigoberto Kumul was elected as Campaign Manager, Miguel Perez as Secretary and Earl Sutherland as Treasurer. In remarks to her supporters, Paz made it clear that her campaign will be free from any slander against other candidates and encourage her supporters to conduct themselves likewise.

In the weeks ahead, Paz will be meeting with the electorates in a house-to-house campaign and a series of neighborhood meetings all across the island. This will allow the public to have an opportunity to voice their concerns and advise Paz on issues they would like to be addressed when she is elected as Mayor.

Melanie Paz's Campaign motto: “No Politics, just Business…No Promise but Commitment!”

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Dorian Nuñez


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    I applaud Mrs. Melanie Paz for her courage and perhaps sees the light at the end of the tunnell in politics.

    I hope her team does not turn up like employees on the Belize Times article of present San Pedro Town Council employees extravagant salaries.

    I pray to God that she will abide by her moto and for sure she has my vote.


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    Good luck, Melanie. It was amazing how much was done while you were La Presidenta of the San Pedro Lions. I am sure, if elected mayor, you will continue to work hard for the citizens of San Pedro.

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