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Press Release- 19 September 2011 – With deep sorrow the Government of Belize received the news this morning of the passing of the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, first Prime Minister and Father of the Nation.

While the entire nation mourns the passing of this great man, the timing of his death serves to reinforce in all our mind and hearts his lasting achievement in the creation of the nation state called Belize, and the legacy he leaves. The Government of Belize expresses deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Price, and acknowledges his invaluable contribution to our people and nation.

The following statement on the death of the Rt. Hon. George C. Price was delivered today by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean O. Barrow:

“With profound regret, the Government of Belize announces the death of the Rt. Hon. George Price, National Hero and Father of Belizean Independence. Mr. Price died around 6:30 a.m. today, Monday, September 19, 2011. A diplomatic note goes out this morning to in for the world of Mr. Price’s passing.

The Government of Belize in conjunction with Mr. Price’s family is making arrangements for a state funeral to take place on Monday, September 26. As well, Books of Condolence in which tributes can be inscribed will be opened today in Belmopan and Belize City.

An official period of mourning begins now, and flags will be flown at half-mast right through to September 26th, with the exception of Independence Day. Additional details concerning the funeral ceremony and the burial of the National Hero, will released as soon as they are finalized.

On behalf of a grateful nation to which Mr. Price devoted his entire life, I offer condolences to his immediate and extended family and to the People’s United Party. This was a giant of a man, the greatest architect of Belizean Nationalism and Belizean Sovereignty. May he rest in peace.”

Rt. Hon. George C. Price (1919-2011)
First Minister (1961 – 1963)
Premier (1964 – 1981)
Prime Minister (1981 – 1984; 1989 – 1993)

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    this video made me cry...RIP Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price....THE FATHER OF OUR NATION!

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    May he rest in peace!



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    wow...very very nice video

    - Tomas Gongora

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    This was really and truely a great man and indeed the father of this nation!! He will forever be in our hearts .

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    I'm deeply sorry for this enormous lost for belice's people and for the world. May he rest in peace and his example lives forever in the heart of people

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    We desperately NEED more leaders like him!!! It's a dreadful thought to think of what is happening to our beloved Belize. 

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    The work he has done has spoken for him. RIP

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    We send out condolences to the Rt. Hon George Cadle Price, Belize 1st Prime mister family, the People's United Party and the people of Belize his passing onto Glory.


    Cindy and Kim Swan - St. George's Bermuda

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    Truly a gifted man and an extraordinary human  being.  Today, he unites all Belizeans( without division of political views)  by admiring his courage to fight for a whole country. Sincerely, no one in todays' Belize's power structure has his vision.... 


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