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- Press Release, Oceana, February, 2, 2012 - Oceana in Belize has responded to a letter from the Elections & Boundaries Department to the Office of the Governor-General, certifying that the referendum petition requirements were not met. This letter claimed that “The total number of signatures REJECTED amounted to Eight Thousand and Forty Seven (8,047) or 40% of the signatures reviewed.” The reason for these rejections was not supported by any explanations whatsoever.

Oceana has written to the Governor-General, explaining our concern about the legitimacy of that number given, as well as on the lack of an explanation as to why they were rejected. We have also asked him to make a formal and expeditious enquiry to the Elections and Boundaries Department, to respond formally as to what the particular circumstances were which caused the rejections.

Oceana believes firmly in the strength of the petition signatures of Belizeans across the length and breadth of this nation. We believe that the Belizean people have a right to be heard through the democratic process afforded by a referendum.  We categorically denounce what we consider to be a consorted effort by the government to deny this right--a right that they themselves have publicly claimed to support. – End of Release -

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    I am astonished with this! Belize should be a democracy! This means that the people's voice is to be heard, but it seems that each day that right to be heard is slowly being lost, while the small number of those who are in high positions abuse  more and more of their power. For those rejecting the votes of people who are against offshore drilling SHAME ON YOU! Do you not realize that we are killing our environment? If you claim that the people will profit from this: LIES. Who will profit will be the big company from abroad, and you who will be paid off. NOT THE PEOPLE. Instead, we the people will be the ones to clean up your mess when things go wrong, we will lose. This angers me deeply. I cannot believe it! 

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    UBELIEVABLE! Shame on you for rejecting the people's votes! At the end of the day, when the big oil company gets what it wants from us, do you know what will happen? They will leave and we will have to clean up their mess. While you sit in you mansion enjoying the money that you were bribed with.Everyday it becomes more clear that money changes a person. 

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    Belize is nature's treasure and it would be lost if oil drillers and other corporatons take over the country !

     I believe no Belizean should tolerate the decision of a couple of greedy people at the cost of the nation's people. The polititions could not care less for the people who elected them. They always think of their own pockets first, and those of their families and friends second.

    I believe a mass protest against this undemocratic act would be helpful.


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