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Prime Minister Dean Barrow has unofficially gone on record by publicly stating that general elections will definitely be in 2012 and that it will be early in the year. How early will it be is everybody’s guess but we now have strong vibes that it will be as early as this February.

In the Facebook Blog Friends of Belize, Arthur Saldivar (Standard Bearer Belize Rural Central) says that there is very reliable information that the elections are slated for February 15, 2012. When asked how reliable it is, Saldivar commented that it is as reliable “as night follows day”. Saldivar is apparently relying on inside sources that inform him not only the date but also the reasons that the prime Minister has given to his colleagues.  

His informants in this Facebook blog give three reasons why the UDP leader is willing to take the risk of early elections. (1) The PUP is strengthening and gaining support. (2) We (UDP) are losing support and fast. (3) By 2013 the economy will be in bad shape and support will continue to fade so early election is inevitable.

Even though Saldivar claims his information to be very reliable, so much that if it would not be, he would not disclose it, the rest of the nation will now be eagerly waiting for this Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, where the Prime Minister would have to make an announcement about the elections if that day is correct. It is required by law that the Prime Minister must give at least one month’s notice before a general election.

In the meantime political parties continue to register new voters for the election process. The VIP and in a sense the PUP claim that the ruling party is desperately granting nationality to hundreds upon hundreds of Central Americans residing in Belize in a desperate effort to gain their votes.  

We understand that a boatload of Central American (aliens) residents in San Pedro was taken to Belmopan for the swearing in of their nationality process. A few more hundreds are in line for swearing in this Friday. Are these indications that a very early election is in making? If it is such, this will be a record early election- a year and two months earlier than is the duly designated time.  

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    hmmmmm sounds to me like someone is afraid of losing jeje :)

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    Just wondering who reported that it was a boat load of people that went for their nationalities.  Many people went, not only from Central America, but on thier own means.  They were not charaded into Belmopan for their swearing in.  It was people who have gone through the due process of submitting thier papers, going for their interview and civic test who were sworn in as  Belizeans.  All thier qualifications were met.

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     A boatload of 60 were taken, mostly central Americans.  We have people working at the Elections and boundaries Office, where the processing of papers continues.  You, Mr. Writer, have you lived here for five Years? Give us your address if you are legitimate.  If not you ar not legitimate. HOw do youknow due process was followed fore the entire boatload?

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    When the going gets tough, we born Belizeans stay here and fight it.  When the going gets tough for the naturalized Belizeans, they pack up and leave. There is the big difference.

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    Why all the secrecy about the election date. People have already make up their minds who they will vote for based on the terrible state of affairs. Can the Area Rep please confirm or deny this date of Feb 15?

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    Ja! this is funny stuff. Come on who is Talking   Arthur Saldivar.  Everyone Knows that this is not true.   The Economy was already in Bad shape when the PUP was coming out. And the PUP can't gain Grown when everyones knows that Francis is only a Pupet of Musa. We all know we dont want him again as PM                                     

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    IT DOESNT MATTER  WHO  WINS AN  ELECTION ,IN BELIZE....iether way.....yah  getsa   crook

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    how dare you guys big up the aliens who were sworn in? u not yet realize what will happen in a couple years?....we will have no more "bawn ya" Belizeans......this is just stupid...i can't believe what this government is doing......bull>>>>>>>total bull.....

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