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A midmorning blaze completely destroyed a few residences in the DFC area on Saturday, January 7, 2012, and left families homeless. Residents of the DFC area were battling to out the fire that quickly engulfed two buildings entirely.

Investigations have revealed that two minors were playing with a lighter in the two storey building when clothes caught on fire, which then quickly spread onto the rest of the house. The two storey building belonged to Lorena Montez, 24-year-old, Belizean domestic worker, who at the time of the fire was not at home and had left her children in the care of her mother, Rosa Perez.

The children were left unsupervised and reliable sources tell that the grandmother, Rosa Perez will be charged with criminal charges including child neglect and endangerment.

Official reports indicate that at about 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 7, 2012 a small two-storey plywood building with zinc roof located in the DFC Area as seen engulfed by fire. The fire quickly spread to the building adjacent to it and both buildings along with all contents were destroyed. A separate building next to the ones engulfed by fire made of plycem and zinc roofing was partially damaged. None of the three buildings were insured.

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    Typical of poor reporting, the age of the 'children' was not mentioned. We also don't know that the mother actually informed the grandmother that she would be in charge. We also don't know that the grandmother was capable of caring for the children. In real life there are three people responsible for this action: The mother, and the two 'minor aged' children. Let's not rush so quickly to blame it on grandma.

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    The information that we have posted on this article has been officially given to us by both the San Pedro Police Department and the San Pedro Fire Department. How can it be called poor reporting when this information is coming straight from the island officials? They conducted their investigations and this is the infromation that they encountered, made their reports with and filed their charges.

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