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Children are the future of tomorrow and what better way to bring up our children than providing them with much love and affection, a proper education and in a safe environment. But children will always be children and they need to have fun in a safe and clean place to play with their friends. The children of the San Pedrito Area are now able to have fun with their friends at the new San Pedrito Park which was officially inaugurated this past Saturday, January 14, 2012.

During the short inauguration ceremony of the San Pedrito Park, Mayor Elsa Paz delivered the welcome addressed. Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. was the guest speaker of the evening as he was very instrumental in the development of the San Pedrito Park. Both Mayor Paz and Minister Heredia asked for help of the residents of San Pedrito to maintain the park as clean as possible and to take care of it for their enjoyment.

Minister Manuel Heredia, Mayor Elsa Paz and Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero did the honors of conducting the official ribbon cutting for the inauguration of the park. Mr. Guerrero then gave the vote of thanks and those in attendance, including many children, enjoyed the perks of having a new park in the area. Live music was provided by Rompe Raja and refreshments and snacks were served to all.

San Pedrito Park InaugurationWelcome address delivered by Mayor Elsa PazGuest Speaker   - Minister HerediaSan Pedrito Park InaugurationRibbon Cutting by Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero, Mayor Elsa Paz and Minsiter Manuel HerediaDeputy Mayor Severo Guerrero giving the vote of thanksChildren of the San Pedrito Area enjoying each others company in the park benches.Children enjoying the playground setSan Pedrito Park San Pedrito Park

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    It seems like few people attended the inauguration.  Is it that peoople in San Pedrito prefer the sand in their yards and on the streets?

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    Definately WE the people of San Pedrito are happy to have our own park.  I am so happy to be a part of the San Pedrito community.  Our children need a decent place to go and play and put that energy into good use. Our children cannot wait our streets can!

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    si gracias por aserle a estos ninios park y por favor areglen estas calles agan algo bueno por sanpedrito no se acuerden solo cuando vienen las elecsiones gracias../?

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    It was poorly advertised i would think because i did not know about it.


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    I do not live in San Pedrito but I visited the park yesterday. One vital piece of equipment is missing; a garbage can with a protective stand so that the stray dogs do not overturn it. There was garbage all over the park and I disposed of it properly.

    I hope that the park does not turn into a drug joint for the thugs in that area.

    The park is beautiful. It is up to the people of San Pedrito to keep it that way.

    Thank You.

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