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The world recession is affecting people at different levels and in different forms. Is it affecting you in San Pedro? Some people believe that as long as they are making a decent living, it is not affecting them, but think again. Are you better off today into the recession than you were five years ago in 2007? Does the recession only affect the hotel owners and restaurant owners or does it affect everyone that seeks employment in Ambergris Caye? You be the judge; here are the facts.  

Will Lala, the San Pedro Warden for the US Embassy has just completed the 2012 survey of location and contact information for the hotels, condos, and guest houses on Ambergris Caye.  This information is used for disaster planning and locating tourists in the event of a emergency.  But the information that he collected is very interesting. It definitely gives some insight on how the recession is affecting business in Ambergris Caye.

Currently (2012) Ambergris Caye has 1,748 tourist units with an additional 77 to be opened this year in three new hotels. A unit is a guest accommodation that can range from a single room to a 5 bedroom villa.

Between 2005 and 2007 there were approximately 300 new units added to Ambergris Caye. Between 2007 and 2009 there were approximately 400 new units added bringing the 2009 total to 1,957 units. So, there was a huge drop of 209 units between 2005 and 2012. An additional 680 units were under construction in 2009 and his report indicates that many of the units were never completed.

A number of hotels and condos closed and others cut expenses by having owners/managers move into one or more units. A large number of condo units became homes for seasonal and full time guests. All of this has also cut down on the number of available units on the island.

These are the bare facts. Hotel rooms or tourist units seem to have been on a steady decline. This means fewer tourists we can host and fewer employees to host and service them. Did you lose a job because of a hotel closing down or a projected one not completed? Is the recession affecting Ambergris Caye? You be the judge.

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    This is just a natural balancing due to the fact that too many units were built from a market that wasn't there to support it. It's not always a bad thing, when there are too many rooms occupancy goes down accross the board and affects the profitability (and jobs) at all resorts. With a decrease in profitability there comes cut backs and with cut backs comes a decrease in service levels. If not held in check it can become an ugly cycle that could damage the reputation of Ambergris Caye as a destination of choice. This is why we need a master plan and controlled development.

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    Where is the resort in the picture?

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    The resort pictured in the headline is Victoria House, south of San Pedro Town

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    Keep Belize free. We don't need the U.S. and Canada type law's down here like controlled development. This only makes few rich. If the NY'ers don't like it than get the hell out of here and go back where you came from.

    Same goes for the save the Earth type groups from the U.S. and Canada. They have their $500,000 condos but wants to keep Belize poor and don't want them to drill for oil that will make Belize rich. The save the Earth type groups needs to be put in there place and stopping paying off the Belize Gov to get there way. They don't care about the reef its about stopping others building next to them becasue they have theirs and the hell with everyone else.

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