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Rumors circulating in town are that the price of bread has gone up by almost a dollar on each different types of packed bread. Sliced (packed)  bread is a staple food for all and having heard that there would be an increase on the price had several island residents questioning if the rumors were true or not.

Ambergris Today made a quick check with owners of Casa Pan Dulce Bakery who confirmed that the price of packed bread has not increased. However, the price of some shelf products at the bakery did increase a bit. This was done because personnel of the GST Department advised them to do so, as some of the items on their shelves required taxation.

The price of packed bread (such as Pullman, special white,  wheat bread, etc) has not gone up therefore resident should not expect to pay more at either of the bakeries or at the stores.

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    Unbelievable for the price on bread to go up because Government is taxing us on bread.  Didn't Dean Barrow promise to lower the cost of living NO MATTER WHAT?  This is bad stuff from this UDP Gov.

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    Unbelievable, imagine the possibilities: TAXATION on bread.

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    Really? Taxes on certain baked bread which is such a vital comodity for all of us in San Pedro; especially the school children who can only buy one sweet bread every morning for breakfast?

    What criteria did the GST Department used charge tax on this basic good? I do not what do sound political but lets vote this governmenment OUT.

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    Son of a gun, this is so hpleful!

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