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This Friday, January 27, 2011, the Belize Coalition is calling “Belize’s Black Friday.”  The Coalition is asking all Belizeans to wear black to show their support for the offshore oil referendum and their right to vote and say no to oil exploration in Belize’s OFFSHORE and in its Protected Areas.

Oil exploration in Belize’s offshore brings too much risk to Belize’s economy, environment and culture.  Show your support for the right to vote in the offshore referendum and say NO to oil exploration in Belize.

WEAR BLACK this FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2012, record a short video(s) showcasing your solidarity and support to "No" Oil exploration in Belize's offshore and in its offshore protected areas! Send them to The Belize Coalition at Email: and they will create a collage.

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    Yes today may be black Friday for offshore oil drilling in Belize, but there are many things us Belizeans are not thinking about. You all want to have cars and trucks, but you all refuse to try and make your own gas? We should also be thinking about limiting he amount of motor vehicles that comes into Belize everyday. A lot of the PUP supporters are also against the said oil drilling, but if they were in power they would have already drilled the wells on the offshore lines. Before you all jumping up and down about oil drilling, start consider how much fuel you all use on a daily basis and also consider the amount of motor vehicles in the country and not to mention the price we pay for gasoline today.

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    Enough electricity can be made from solar panels mounted on the vehicle to run a pickup truck in B.C. Canada where there is a lot less sun than in Belize.... 

    Belize has a lot of human energy and money and time invested in her eco-tourism industry, which would be destroyed with one even small spill.

    Treaty Oil has lied already about finding offshore oil, in order to manipulate their stock prices.  You figure they won't lie again?  It's an American company, do you really think any money (or oil) will remain in Belize?

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    our country has been a beautiful country for years. why do people want to destroy our natural resources or put them at risk?

    we as belizeans should put our hands up and say no to oil drilling.

    We have been okay so far. why be worst in the future?

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