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The Hol Chan Marine Reserve has an Ambergris Caye Marine Turtle Program that takes care of sick, weak and injured sea turtles. Most recently, they have been taking nurturing back to health a juvenile Hawksbill Turtle that was found near the shores of the ilsand. It was noticed that the turtle had a problem with its flipper; it was unknown whether it had a broken it or if it was a birth defect.

Under the care of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Staff, the turtle was taken into captivity and placed under observation. As the turtle grew so did the flipper and it created a drag for the turtle when it swam.
In order to increase its chances of survival in the wild it was decided to make consultations with veterinarian Dr. Paul Calle of the Wildlife Conservation Society and it was decided that the best thing to do was to amputate its flipper.

Dr. Calle, along with local vet Dr. Orlando Baptist of The Saga Humane Society, carried out the successful procedure which will give the turtle a better chance of survival in the wild. We give two thumbs up to the doctors for a successful amputation and to the team of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve for taking care of these precious creatures.

Successful Amputation of Turtle Flipper

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