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It’s a website that had gotten Belizean residents very upset, but although many still do not know about it yet, those who have seen it are angry at how Belize is being represented and have urged the Belize Tourism Board to take action immediately.

The website, Global Fantasies, is marketing Belize as a premium erotic destination for guests to enjoy the company and services of exotic women all while enjoying the best accommodations, locations and tours the country has to offer. It’s promoting hedonism, or sex tourism, complete with a picture list of scantily clad women to choose from and packages that include all-inclusive treats such as multiple companions at locations that include Turneffe Island.

Well, those residents who have been aware of the site want none of that for our beautiful country and were quick to report it to the Belize Toursim Board, which in turn sent out the following press release late last afternoon, February 12, 2014:

“We were recently made aware of a website created by an unknown group claiming to operate an “adult fantasy” destination in Belize.  The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is in no way affiliated with this group nor does it condone its actions, as this is a human rights issue.  The Ministry of Human Development, the Human Rights Commission, and the Belize Police Department have been notified and will be handling the resulting investigation.”

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