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Strangely enough, when we reported about the online series Mad Dogs and how it was based in Belize, we found out later on that none of the filming took place in the country, but instead Puerto Rico. It was only based in Belize; not even the actors had placed foot in the country. We can only speculate that the filming was done outside the country due to lack of film resourced in Belize, but two weeks ago the crew arrived in the country to obtain some real footage to make the online series ‘more Belizean’.

After downloading the first episode of Mad Dogs, we noticed that the plot of the story took place in Belize, but nowhere in the footage were we able to identify Belizean scenery. Even the airport footage was clearly not at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. “What a bummer,” we thought.

After doing some research, we found out that filming of Mad Dogs was done in Puerto Rico for some odd reason. At first we were excited that the series would bring publicity to Belize, but then got worried that people might get the wrong image of Belize after seeing footage that was from Puerto Rico.

Well now we find out that the writer and creator of the show Cris Cole was with his team shooting at the Michael Finnegan Market a couple weeks ago; they were going around the country obtaining real footage of Belize.

Cris Cole told Channel 7 News in Belize City that he has completed filming 10 one-hour episodes that will air on in January 2016. The filming in Belize is to add local footage to the already shot scenes in Puerto Rico. Cole says that Puerto Rico looks very similar to Belize in many ways but that this extra filming will add more authentic ‘Belize’ scenes to the story. He said that he wanted to capture the Belize street life, the wild life and get a flavor of the country’s color, people and sounds.

About Mad Dogs: the show was filmed in Puerto Rico but it's about a group of guys who travel to Belize for the weekend - they expect an island thrill with exclusive parties and beautiful Belizean women, but really, they have no idea what's in store for them.

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Amazon’s Mad Dogs Online Series Shoots Footage in Belize

 - photos courtesy Donald Sandoval Photography

Amazon’s Mad Dogs Online Series Shoots Footage in Belize

Amazon’s Mad Dogs Online Series Shoots Footage in Belize

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