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On Saturday afternoon, August 15, 2015, volunteers, friends and staff of Saga Humane Society hosted the first ever International Homeless Animals Day at Saga Humane Society Fort Dog on Sea Grape Street in San Pedro. To honor homeless dogs, Saga showcased all of their dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are available for adoption.

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive

Children visit puppies for adoption

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive

Man's best friend seeks loving home

Saga Humane Society Chairman Kevin Smith commented, “Saturday’s adoption event was a great way to celebrate International Homeless Animals Days.” Potential adopters visited Saga’s shelter ‘Fort Dog’, see all of the dogs, talk with Saga staff. Adoption councilors and Saga volunteers were on hand to interview potential adopters. The adopters were able to interact with the dogs and cats, ask questions about the animals, learn about activity levels and behavior and get matched with the perfect best friend.

Dogs and cats are up for adoption anytime at Saga, not only during adoption drives. The stray dog population on Ambergris Caye tends to be high and the humane society does its best to collect and care for these forgotten animals until a loving home can be found for them. There are beautiful puppies, large dogs and lovable cats at the shelter that need a home and the adoption process is easy and inexpensive.

Support your local Saga Humane Society and find a loving pet today!

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive

Saga Humane Society Conducts Adoption Drive

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