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- Press Release - September 22, 2015 - Visiting Ambassador of Korea His Excellency KIM Byong-seop, handed over equipment & vehicles totaling US $100,000 to Chairperson of The Inspiration Center Board of Directors, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow.
The donation comes three years after Mrs. Simplis Barrow made a presentation to a gathering of ambassadors to garner support for the Inspiration Center. Today, she expressed her deep appreciation and gratitude to the Ambassador and his Government for keeping her dream in mind over the years and coming up with such a generous donation.

According to Acting Executive Director of The Inspiration Center, Joycelyn Lopez, the equipment donated will benefit the center and the population it serves in several ways including an increase in client coverage and improving the services currently being offered by the medical staff as well as the physical therapist and speech therapist. This gift will also help to strengthen the Community Base Rehabilitation Program. Among the donated items are mounted projectors and a wireless PA system which will contribute to the sustainability of the center by turning the conference and multipurpose rooms into an income generating avenue. These spaces are now equipped to be rented for workshops, seminars and conferences.
Ambassador Byong-seop echoed his government’s support for Belize and said that Korea will continue to promote partnerships and stay engaged in the development of the country and The Inspiration Center. Following the remarks and showcasing of the equipment, staff members from the different departments briefly explained how the equipment will be utilized and how clients will benefit from the donation.

Government of Korea Donates Equipment to The Inspiration Center

Government of Korea Donates Equipment to The Inspiration Center

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