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For the past two months, Hol Chan Marine Reserve has been informing stakeholders on the implementation of "Dive Bands" for recreational users to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The Board of Trustees has decided to implement the user fee for night diving within “Zone A” of the Marine Reserve. The current user fee remains the same ($10) and is valid for a full day pass in any recreational zone in the Marine Reserve. 

For Example: A tourist who purchases a pass for a morning dive can use the same Hol Chan pass for a night diver on that same day.

Dive Bands Required for Recreational Use at Hol Chan Marine Reserve

As a result of multiple recreational zones in the HCMR and multiple visits of tourist to the marine reserver in a single day, Hol Chan is implementing the use of “Dive Bands” by all paying visitors. The dive bands are wrist bands for a one day use made of a waterproof material (Tyvek). All paying visitors will have to wear a dive band before they engage in any recreational activity within the Marine Reserve. “Dive Bands” will be color-coded and each day of the week will have an individual color.

Dive shops that have a credit agreement with the HCMR will be provided with wrist bands in advance of any payment. However, it will be required that the dive shop personnel issue dive bands to tourists at the dive shop or in the way to the Marine Reserve so as to prevent a bottle-neck delay with the Park Ranger. Issuing of vouchers will still be required. Dive Shops that purchase tickets by bulk will obtain their “Dive Bands” with the Ranger at the Marine Reserve. Implementation commenced on December 1, 2016.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve appreciates everyone’s kind cooperation on this matter.

Dive Bands Required for Recreational Use at Hol Chan Marine Reserve

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