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How much is a street full of people? You make a good guess, but that is the number of people that turned out to witness the launching of the San Pedro People's United Party Manifesto of the People. Chairman of the PUP National Executive Henry Usher commented that this manifesto is the direct result of the candidates' consultation with the people from all subdivisions since their house to house campaign trail began in September 2017.

The San Pedro PUP held it’s manifesto launch on Saturday, February 17, 2018, at the north end of Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town.

PUP Councilor Candidate Ruben Navidad explained the team's vision and plans of paving no less than nine miles of streets with proper drainage and long lasting durability. “No more children wading in muddy water on their way to school, and no more walking through muddy neighborhoods as people to work in the tourism  service industry.” Navidad cried shame on a powerful Minister of Tourism, allowing his constituency to live in derelict conditions, unhealthy neighborhoods and unsafe community.

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

Ruben Navidad

With thunderous acclamation Dianelli Aranda and Johnnia Duarte took center stage and expounded on the two topics of crime and education. Dianellie regretted that the rise in crime is taken lightly by the UDP as a natural phenomena in a growing population. She blamed their lax behavior on incompetence and lack of caring. Johnnia emphasized that there is no good excuse why children should be out of school because of lack of space when San Pedro generates so much income for the country. She said that the PUP is the only solution to these dire conditions because with the PUP everyone will treated with fairness and justice and no one is privileged.

With a standing ovation Andre Perez, Mayoral Candidate, was welcomed to the stage and he dealt with the rest of the manifesto which included: 1. Infrastructure, Planning and Investments;  2. Parks and Playgrounds and Child Friendly Initiatives;  3. Tourism and Cultural Activities and Economic Activities;  4. Women's Affairs and Social Issues and 5. Accountability and Transparency.

Party Leader Johnny Briceño expressed his satisfaction with the work of the seven candidates and the executive team. He reiterated that justice will be carried out whenever the PUP gets into power, executing a full investigation and incarceration of government officials who are breaking the law.

Briceño reiterated that there will be mush assistance for San Pedro under the PUP leadershi, because his government will see to it that the streets are paved, the island will be safer from criminal activity, schools will get adequate attention and that the much and long awaited hospital will be a PUP accomplishment.

Following the formalities, the PUP Dance Group entertained with two dances and food and refreshments were served to the entire gathering.

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

PUP National Party Leader Johnny Briceño

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

Dianelli Aranda

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

Johnnia Duarte

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez

San Pedro PUP Launches Their “Manifesto of the People”

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