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Jeffery McPherson and his family were on a fun picnic trip in North Ambergris Caye near Rocky Point when they spotted something trapped in a big net on the beach. He said he saw some flippers and decided to rush over the area to see what it was. To Jeffery’s surprise they encountered a sea turtle entangled in a thick and heavy net. Jeffery immediately helped the struggling sea creature that looked so scared and kept fighting them, he commented. After a bit of struggling to remove the net, they were successful in setting it free and back out at sea. Jeffery says he was extremely happy that he was able to save the life of such a beautiful animal.

Thank you Jeffery, we are so proud of you. We see a future Ocean Hero in Belize!

12-Year-Old Jeffrey Rescues Entangled Sea Turtle

12-Year-Old Jeffrey Rescues Entangled Sea Turtle

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