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A Belize Coast Guard routine patrol this morning, January 13, 2022, at about 8:30am, yielded 36 packs of suspected marijuana that was encountered about 100 feet east of the dock at Half-moon Caye. According to the Belize Coast Guard, their patrol at Lighthouse Reef came across an object in the water and upon closer inspection realized that they were packs of suspected drugs. The patrol called it in and headquarters arranged for their stand by patrol to head out to bring it in. Thirty six packs were weighed to an amount of 30.95 Kilograms, at an estimated value of $81,705 BZD. The sack was found in the sea and no one was found in the area. The Belize Coast Guard then proceeded to hand over the suspected marijuana over to the Police Department’s Anti Narcotics Unit.

Coast Guard Retrieves Thirty Kilos of Suspected Marijuana

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