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Miss Universe Belize, Ashley Lightburn, is reading with final preparations to head to New Orleans, USA, on January 2, where the Miss Universe Pageant 2022 will take place on January 14. This week the Miss Belize Universe organization released images of Miss Belize’s National Costume which will be displayed during competition.

Introducing Official Miss Belize Universe National Costume

The national costume is inspired by the first and only Jaguar Reserve in the world; which is nestled in the luscious rainforest of the Cockscomb Basin in Belize. “Ashley, like the Jaguar, is stealth and graceful in her movement,” posted the organization. “Like the Jaguar that prowls under the moonlight and protects itself and its young, Ashley’s light burns for the advocacy that is her passion; Women in STEM with a concentration on Math. Like the Jaguar that is calculating in its movements, Ashley is the calculating force breaking through the darkness to bring young Belizean women into the light of Women in STEM.”

The costume is described as depicting the Jaguar in its natural habitat glistening under the moonlight. Ashley is clothed from head to toe in a beaded jaguar print leotard, thigh high boots and accentuated by a tropical flora back piece and a lighted moon, with the Jaguar’s head prominently displayed on her body. Ashley’s height and sleek body perfectly portrays the agility of the Jaguar in its natural habitat. Like the Jaguar, Ashley’s onyx eyes penetrate through the darkness to bring light to the young women she mentors.

Design and Concept Alejandro Castaneda and Emir Xiu from Innovations by Jandroz

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