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It might not be a solution to the traffic congestion on the island, but there is a lot more space available for parking in downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, as the San Pedro Town Council and Traffic Department have opened a designated parking lot that is free of charge. It is one step forward in addressing the traffic situation on the island.

Public parking space has been made available across from the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex, adjacent to the Artisan Market in an area that can accommodate 80 golf carts, only; the space is not designated for larger vehicles.

The San Pedro Town Council is encouraging everyone to use the free parking lot, especially those in the labor force who are used to parking their vehicle for the entire time they are at work. These prolonged parking hours limit space for others who just need to park in town for a few minutes or a couple hours to run errands in town.

San Pedro Town Council Designates Island Parking Lot

With the hopes that island residents will use the parking lot and choose to walk the couple of minutes it takes to get to any location within town, the Town Council is looking at reducing the congestion of vehicles in downtown San Pedro.  Security officers have already been assigned to the parking lot and artisan market to assure residents that their vehicles will be safe.

The San Pedro Town Council assures the community that it is working towards addressing all the issues that have come about with the increase of traffic on the island. By September of this year, the Council will be hosting a consultant and technical expert from Canada, specializing in urban planning, to study the traffic conditions and submitte recommendations for possible long-term solutions.

San Pedro Town Council Designates Island Parking Lot

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