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25 Years Ago

An archive of a series of stories by Angel Nunez about the history of San Pedro, Belize. The writings reflect the life of a small fishing village filled with actual events, customs and culture, social life, successes, and problems all of which made up San Pedro twenty-five years ago.

Recycling for Necessity

Today recycling is being encouraged for the good of the environment. But many years ago in San Pedro there was a lot of recycling, except that it was not done for the environment but

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I Bet You Did Not Know This About Conch

CONCH IN ABUNDANCE  The only thing the San Pedranos and visitors of today know about conch is conch ceviche. However, here are several things you should know that only the older San Pedranos know.

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Respecting the Police Officer’s Wife

In the good old days of the beautiful village of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, the policeman’s wife was called “La Poliza”. Also in those god old days, uncles could lash their nephews; and thirdly,

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Raising Pigs in San Pedro

It used to be that every household in San Pedro used to raise pigs in their backyards. Why was this so? Very simple – In the 1960’s and beyond, there was no meat or chicken

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