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Letters to the Editor

Letter submitted to the editor by our readers on a wide range of relevant community-based topics.

Letter to the Editor: Crocodile Tears

Good morning Mr. Nunez and all, Woke up yesterday morning to see this beautiful creature with this on her back. People pick up your garbage!  Remember when San Pedro was a simple fishing village

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Crime and Poverty is Good for Government

Belize City. The New Year has begun the same way the old one ended – more murders, more misery, more depressing media reports. And, even more depressing, there is news of yet more corruption

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The Curios Case of BIL

– by Valerie Woods – Prime Minister Barrow on October 18th 2017 held a press conference in an attempt to rid his government once again of another major scandal. This time it was the

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Belize on its 36th Birthday by Valerie Woods

Belize on its 36th Birthday Valerie Woods On September 21st, 2017, Belize marked its 36th year of independence. To listen to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno and the Prime Minister of

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Angry Woman

Angry Woman By Valerie Woods I am a Belizean woman. Sometimes I’m an angry woman. But I’m not as angry as I should be watching a policeman manhandle a woman journalist, grabbing her by

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To Serve and Protect Belize?

Every person in Belize is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms to the individual not to exclude the protection of the law. Now tell me BPD how are you serving and protecting when

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister…For Our Children

Dear Editor!Hope you are willing to publish this commentary since it is as much relating to San Pedro as to people in Caye Caulker! Thank You! Kindest regards- Chriss Roggema – Caye Caulker Dear

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