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The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge is  pleased  to  inform  the public  that  island  resident  Anthony  Coleman,  has  been  accepted  by  the  Shriner's Hospital  in  the  United  States.  Anthony,  a  San  Pedro  High  School  student  lost  both  arms  in  an  accident.  Consequently, Ambergris  Caye  Masonic  Lodge  has  embarked  on  a  mission  of  fitting  him  with  a  pair  of  prosthetic  arms.  Through fraternal  relations  between  our  Masonic  Lodge  and Shriner's  Hospital,  a  date  has  been  set  for  his  first  Hospital visit  in the United States.

As  a  consequence  of  this,  Ambergris  Caye  Masonic  Lodge  will  spearhead  several  fundraisers  including  but  not limited to a dollar drive and telethon to make his travels possible. All his medical expenses will be covered by the Shriner's Hospital. The funds raised will be for travel and other expenses during his initial two month stay for him and his mother.

The  community of  San Pedro  always  rallies  behind  this  noble causes  and  ensures  that  each meets  its  intended mark. The ACML humbly ask that once more we may unite ensuring this young man receives this life changing treatment. This will be done of many necessary visits to and from the United States.

The goal is to secure at least $20,000 Bze. Any and  all  contributions  can  be  made  to  Ambergris  Caye  Masonic  Lodge, a  registered  non-profit  organization  in compliance with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Belize. Absolutely any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Deposits or wire transfers can be made locally to Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge Atlantic Bank Account 100 288 010, we highly recommend to send a picture of the deposit to our email at:

Help Anthony Coleman Receive Prosthetic Arms

Help Anthony Coleman Receive Prosthetic Arms

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